A day with 1M1C & Sedekah Subuh


This post was originally posted by me in my Facebook timeline on 21 Nov 2016: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154241452109151&id=57772915

It was a great blessing joining the teams of 1M1C (1 Month 1 Charity) and Sedekah Subuh in Melaka yesterday. I was inspired by the acts and initiatives undertaken by Linda (green baju kurung in the photo) and her husband (yellow shirt) – both of them spent time to get to know some terminally ill patients from various underprivileged families in Melaka, and they have been supporting these families silently for almost a year now. Their support is not just in terms of financial, but also emotional support and other assistance that they can give (such as bringing an old granny for a medical check at night when they saw that she was having problem breathing during the day visit).

What they have been doing requires dedication, passion and extremely big hearts filled with love for another human beings. Travelling with them yesterday, I realised that the families that they reached out to are even those who are staying in extremely rural villages of Melaka.

A lot of heart-warming and heart touching moments following the visits yesterday. I am in awe of admiration at the strength of some of the patients that we visited! In that 12 hours journey yesterday, I’ve learnt that there are always blessings in every experience, and what matters most is how we positively make the best experiences for ourselves and others out of every circumstances.

While my heart ached seeing and listening to some of the terminally ill patients who shared their stories with tears in the eyes, their stories usually end with many lessons for the listeners. One single mother who is battling against breast and bone cancer, is a great exemplary of strength as she live her life courageously for the children, while one deaf and mute pakcik who has been bedridden for a couple of years now due to stroke, is still actively communicating with people through the glitter in his eyes and hand movements of what his only functioning right hand is able to do. His son who quit his job to take care of his father, spoke admirably of the father’s past championship title in the village checkers competition and the father’s continuous high spirit even now. Another old couple whose wife is battling against cancer is so loving and jovial with one another as the old pakcik joked about balding the wife’s head after the second chemo and large family members that both of them have.

To be able to laugh and count our blessings in the midst of adversity is truly a gift. To be able to share that and touches another’s heart in the midst of one’s adversity is truly a remarkable act of a Champion! 💖🌻

Heartfelt thank you to all pakcik, makcik, brothers and sisters who have shared your life stories and lessons with us yesterday. 💖

Thank you too to Linda & husband, volunteers from the 1M1C team and Sedekah Subuh team for the meaningful day yesterday, and for all of your continuous contribution and outpouring of selfless love to another human beings.

For those who may have enquires and would like to reach out to support too, u may get in touch with Sedekah Subuh through their Facebook page, or 1M1C Facebook group. 💖



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