Baby Bump Painting 

Wonderful fun experience doing baby bump painting with my good friend, mommy-to-be Zoe & daddy-to-be Ivan! Baby was moving around during the painting session! So cuteeeeee!!! 😍💖😘

Pre-Painting Session 

When Zoe first texted me about her idea of doing a baby bump painting, I was excited! I am always excited when there’s a new idea – new project, new fun challenge!

I still remember, that it was on a Sunday when Zoe texted me. I was out with the 1M1C team at that time (see earlier post on “A Day Out with 1M1C and Sedekah Subuh). I asked another friend who was driving then -“What type of paint would be suitable for baby bump painting?” Hahaha. Yes, that was how unfamiliar I was with this new idea. Although I’ve seen and admired baby bump paintings before, I’ve never seen it being done in Malaysia! So yes, I was excited!

I did my research at home (I love doing research! 🙂 One of the habits that I’ve picked up from my 10 years in legal practice. 😉 Hehe). Anyway, what I found out was really interesting and informative! Another thing that I can cross out from my “I don’t know what I don’t know” box / folder!  Haha. 

So, the right type of paint to be used for baby bump painting is the Face Paint! The reason is also simple – Face Paint is meant to be used and safe on the skin. So we can be assured that all known cause of skin irritants won’t be there! Whereas other types of paint (be it acrylic, water colours or even those certified safe for children), may not be suitable for use on the skin as they may cause irritation or allergic reaction on the skin.

Knowledge is power! – One of the reasons why I am also committed to personal growth. 🙂 I always feel enriched when there’s new knowledge learnt. 

The kind of Face Paint that I chose to use is this cream based one. (I’ve used this similar type for Halloween makeup before. So yes, I know that they’re definitely safe on the skin!)

Painting Session 

The painting session was scheduled in the morning, around 9.00 am until about 12 noon. The weather was perfect – sunny and clear sky. The location, Verve Suites was perfect too! There are many beautiful spot to relax, unwind and paint here – which are also suitable for the baby bump photo shots later!

We took our spot on the daybed at the rooftop where there’s a man-made beach and an infinity pool overlooking the view of the city. 💖 With mommy-to-be seated comfortably and nice comforting music playing in the background, the painting began! 😍

It was a really wonderful experience; one that was surreal too, painting on the baby bump skin as my canvas, knowing that something life and kicking is inside (literally kicking, yes! Haha). I hope the baby inside was excited and happy with the experience too! Seeing the baby bump moved around in small waves like motion during the painting session was magical indeed! 😊💖

The design chosen for this painting session was a beautiful white butterfly with some pink hearts made using the fingers of the parents-to-be themselves. 😊  Here’s a photo of us right after the painting session!

Post-Painting Session 

Post-Painting session is the photography session! During the photography session, I tag along with my paints and brushes along! Haha. It was perfectly normal for the paint job to be smeared a bit during the photography session. In fact, that’s something that should be in the least of the worries scale. Most importantly, the parents-to-be enjoy themselves during the photography session. 

From time to time, I will touch up the painting on the baby bump to make sure it still looks pretty in the photo shots! Haha. After a short while, I decided to blend in the grey dots on the butterfly tho – so grey dots no more! 😝😂😂

Well, that was one fun experience indeed!! We all enjoyed it tremendously! Lots of fun chat and laughter shared! I hope the baby feels wonderful too! Can’t wait for baby to say hello to the world! 😊💖

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