Lovely Disabled Home Charity Bazaar 

​Dear friends, 

In conjunction with The International Day of People with DisabilityLovely Disabled Home is organising a grand Charity Bazaar, themed “Touched by Angels“.We hope you will join hands with us in promoting this important yet meaningful event to your family and friends.

Whoever who has purchased the coupon but is unable to attend the charity bazaar, you can have an option of blessing someone else, like our friends with disability, orphans, or old folks from charity homes. Let’s anyhow extend this event’s objective by involving as many people as possible from the community, creating disability awareness and establishing friendship in neighbourhood.


Details of Event:

Venue- SS2 Basketball Court

Date and Time- 03/12/2016 Saturday(5pm-10pm)


You may refer to the following ways to support this event.


1) Purchase of Coupons(RM30 per coupons booklet) : *You can contact me (Dymphna). I’m helping them to sell 100 coupons booklets*.

2) Setting up a stall (100 stalls) :Contact Jovie (012-2999894) 

3) Becoming a Volunteer(200 volunteers needed):Contact Mei Jiun (016-2599506)

Another means of support is to share this event at your facebook page. We are utterly grateful for your passion and love for the disabled community.

Alone I can achieve, but together we can do so much!

Link to the event in FB:


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