Olaf from Frozen – Unique Pencil Graphite Sculpture 

“Hello, my name is Olaf, and I like warm hugs!” 😊 

Sirajudeen, the one and only pencil graphite sculpture artist in Malaysia has created a special art sculpture in conjunction with Christmas celebration! It was just yesterday, we were talking about an artwork for this festive season and early morning today, he showed me this impressive masterpiece! I really admire his dedication and passion!

Olaf – Frozen, Graphite Sculpture. Size: 07mm X 34mm X 37mm

This art masterpiece is tiny, with intricate details. It took Sirajudeen almost 4 hours to create this amazing artwork. The exact measurement of this sculpture is:

Size: 07mm X 34mm X 37mm

Quantity: Only 1 in the world 

To view how the creation process of this sculpture, you can check out this YouTube link HERE

This unique one of its kind, Olaf – Frozen graphite sculpture is available for sale. It will be placed in a gorgeous display frame that comes with a certificate of authenticity too. Interested buyers, please drop me a message. 🙂 Potential buyers outside Malaysia, please indicate your location to calculate the shipping fees.

One of its kind artwork, the only one available in Malaysia and in the world, in fact. Very apt and specially made for this Christmas season! Thank you, Sirajudeen for contributing your passion and talent into this world! 😊💖

#art #artworks #sculpture #Olaf 


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