Hiking & Painting at Gasing Hill

​Yesterday, I had a random feeling that I want to be out there in the nature. (Most probably it’s because I haven’t been running or hiking for almost 2 weeks. 😝 So the body craved for it.) I then decided to go for a hike at Gasing Hill. I wanted to go back to the old Indian temple that I stopped by the last time, and I wanted to paint there. 
My sister, Valerie said she’ll go with me too. Good thing she did actually! Or else, I actually planned on a solo hike. Hahaha. Which was not a good idea since I wasn’t so familiar with the trails at Gasing Hill actually. 😝😝😝

Anyway, after 1 wrong trail (a tough and challenging one that was!), we finally reached our intended destination – the back of the Indian temple!! 😍😍😍 The sun was too hot though when we reached there, so I didn’t paint there. We just took some photos and made our way down to the quiet and cooling river bank instead.
Overall, we spent about 3 hours in the forest. There were some points where there was no phone coverage at all, but it was good – very peaceful and calm. 

I’ve also learnt to trust my intuition more – when it didn’t feel right, it wasn’t. That’s how my sister and I figured out which trails to take on the way in / up and out of Gasing Hill. LOL. 
Another important lesson that I’ve learnt, no matter how hard the journey seems to be, focused on the goal and keep going – it’s actually not that way ahead. Also, there’s nowhere else to go, but up! 😊😊😊💖

Some friends who saw the outdoor artwork that I posted in my art FB page (Dymphna 马紫惠 Art) and IG (www.instagram.com/dymphna.art) have shown interests to go for outdoor painting too. That’s awesome! I’ll plan an outdoor outing for us to be with the nature and paint too soon! 😊💖😘 Those who would be interested to join, let me know and I’ll include you in the list when the event is going to happen too! 😘🎉🎉🎉


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