Inspiring Entrepreneur – Bryan Loo, TeaLive 

​Bryan Loo showed us that the secret to his success is not in fighting the old, but in building the new! Very inspiring to read Bryan’s interview where he shared the mission and passion driving his fast come back with the new brand TeaLive (replacing Chatime in Malaysia)! (
Definitely a leader with a great big heart! No surprise that the people are in full support! All the best, Bryan! 💪 You’re an inspiration to all entrepreneurs and to Malaysians in general! 
Some of my favourite excerpts from the interview are reproduced here (to read more, click this LINK) : 

“..for us the more important thing is to move forward – and to let go of the past.
The most important thing to me is to build a new home for our people.

Our mission is totally different – we want to be the brand that protects the weak and isn’t afraid of the strong; but also the brand that embraces changes.
On the other side, with our hands untied, I believe that over the next  quarters there is going to be a lot of innovation in terms of products, which we couldn’t do before.

we not only care about the brand, but also that we care about our people. We wanted to make sure they knew that their jobs were secure; that their future with the company was still secure.
I wanted to tell the world that even once they strip off the brand name, it is the people who built the company; they are the soul and spirit who brought us to where we are.

The only difference is that we love what we do, and the customers will feel it.
I’ve seen it in the last few weeks – I have been overwhelmed with so much of love and positivity, and I am so grateful for that. Our customers feel an attachment to us, they followed our story, and I am thankful.”

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  1. Thank you there. I’m extremely moved by your words. Will continue to do what we love and make sure our passion will leads us in building up better world for tomorrow!

    Bryan Loo.

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