Random Acts of Kindness, Maintaining Faith in Humanity 

I woke up this morning and was greeted by some stories on random acts of kindness. All of the stories touched my heart. I would like to share this one: 

Man who sold his car for 10 cents – He’s not Crazy 

This man decided to sell his car, a Proton Iswara for 10 cents to a person in need, and he even ensured that the car was in perfect condition – newly painted, serviced and replaced with a new battery – before sending the car off.

A social activist, a humanitarian, who is well-known for his 10 cents deed, Kuan Chee Heng became the middle person who helped to identify the person in need. Kuan [also known as Mr. Kentang (potato in Bahasa Malaysia)] had identified a single mother who is battling against cancer while juggling her housework to take care of her children, as the recipient / purchaser of the 10 cents car. 

Despite the 10 cents value in price, the car is definitely worth a lot more to the family in need. It is amazing what 10 cents and kind, compassionate heart can do to extend the value of what might be seen as ‘small’ or ‘little’.

Quoting the man who sold his car for 10 cents in the news:

“For me, if the intention is to help others, there is no need to look at the race or religion of others. Help should be given from one human being to another,” he told Sinar Harian.

I am sure there are a lot more random acts of kindness out there that are unreported and unseen. Initiatives taken by some news media to report and highlight these random acts of kindness are well applaud for. Thank you, for maintaining and restoring faith in humanity. 

May all the good deeds remain in the social cycle of our societies all over the world, and create massive ripple effects of societies that are more loving, kind and compassionate. With a world like that, imagine how beautiful the future will be for us and our younger generation / children, especially! 💖💖💖

#randomactsofkindness #kindness #compassion


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