Complaint-Free Days!

Very interesting article that I’ve read today ~ 24 Hours Without Complaining Challenge. Now, who is up for this? ^_^

“While complaining can feel cathartic at times, don’t underestimate the impact it can have on your well-being—and on that of others.
Even when we think we’re justified in expressing dissatisfaction or in finding fault, we are creating infectious negative energy that lowers our vibrational frequency.”

11 tips below as suggested by the article sound useful too:
1. Look for a solution

2. Channel dissatisfaction into physical activity (Love this! Worked all the time!)

3. Practice self-compassion (My favourite!)

“View yourself in a kind, forgiving light—as someone who can make mistakes and then learn from them.

Meanwhile, offer this same attitude to others as well, and you’ll feel much less tempted to complain to or about them.”

4. Relax
5. Reframe the issue

6. Maintain boundaries between you and others (Another favourite of mine!)

“Often, we end up wanting to complain because we’ve let other people influence our mood.

But this is a choice—think about how you can stop other people’s negativity from bleeding into your own headspace. For example, you might try an affirmation like “this person’s troubles are not my own” or “others have no power to bring me down”.”

7. Practice perspective-taking

“When you want to complain about someone else, be deliberately empathetic instead—place yourself in their shoes and figure out why they’re acting as they do.

This non-judgmental approach increases acceptance and understanding, and can be highly effective at defusing the urge to complain.”

8. Count good things

9. Tend to your body’s needs

10. Be kind

11. Give constructive feedback

“Finally, it’s worth noting that sometimes we can replace complaining with constructive criticism. If you need to address someone’s difficult behavior, poor performance or hurtful words, ask yourself how you can do so in a way that is authentic and assertive, rather than placing yourself in the role of the complaining victim.”

I would like to add 2 more here:

12. Practice saying Positive Affirmation

Here is a quote/affirmation that I happened to see before I read the above article –

“Today I refuse to stress myself out about things I cannot control or change”. 

We can say this to ourselves every time the urge to complain comes up. Then, let that urge go.

13. Focus on being happy and do things that make you happy! (Such as art, meditation, baking or cooking!)

When we don’t complain, our focus shifts to something else, something happier! 
Imagine if everyday is like that! Wow, wouldn’t all of us be happy all the time that way? 🙂 


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