“The Purpose of Life is to be Happy” – Dalai Lama


No excuses, only UNDERSTANDING of why/reasons behind OUR OWN actions. As long as our own “why” is clear, that’s all that matters. 

No explanations too – just ACCEPTANCE of how things are as they are, based on OUR OWN decisions/choices.

No regrets, definitely – only GRATITUDE for the lessons and experience behind all events/actions.

There are always two sides of everything. It depends on which one we focus on, and which one we give our energy too. Well, life is short and quoting Dalai Lama, “The purpose of life is to be happy”, and it is really up to me to choose/decide how and what can I be, do and have to be happy! 
^_^ Also, the only things that I can have control of are my mind and my action (definitely not someone else’s mind and action!), so I’ll always remind myself to think happy thoughts, imagine/visualise happy things, focus on my goals/dreams, and everything will be alright in the end! :)))

To everyone out there who is troubled or worried about something, please know that you are not alone. Each of us in this world has our own stories to tell. Some are very open about it, some are not. Some may appear strong from the outside, but deep inside, noone knows the kind of battle that someone is facing. So, be kind to one another, and be kind to ourselves too. Let’s remind ourselves to give a little something to ourselves today too. It is okay to receive. Perfectly ok. Whatever you are going through now, is temporary – all the pain, joy, troubles, bliss, turmoil, happiness, worries, laughter…… All of those are temporary. What is permanent and can be constant is Gratitude, for whatever that happens in our lives. That, I’ve discovered, is the secret of happiness.
















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