1st Acrylic Painting Sold! 

#Throwback to the first acrylic paintings that I sold ~ It was this set called "Twin Flame".  It has been more than 3 and a half years ago (sold on 17 January 2014). One of the paintings here (the purple one) was purchased during my 1st group exhibition, while the other one (the pink one)... Continue Reading →


Exploring Gasing Hill

A little evening adventure where Li Leen sand I stumbled into this hidden park with a gigantic hanging bridge made of concrete and metal, with lush green field by the side! We also saw an abandoned old brick house, beautiful mushrooms and small stream of waterfall, river and pond! This is one enchanted forest indeed!... Continue Reading →

What is your Point of Focus? 

What did u see first? I was stuck in massive traffic jam after work yesterday. Not the kinda lifestyle  I want. It drained me out. Gotta do something different next time.  While being stuck in the standstill of the crazy traffic, I saw a hiking buddy, Bobo posted a beautiful photo of the sunset! I... Continue Reading →

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