Entrepreneurship, Stay Positive

What is your Point of Focus? 

What did u see first?

I was stuck in massive traffic jam after work yesterday. Not the kinda lifestyle  I want. It drained me out. Gotta do something different next time. 

While being stuck in the standstill of the crazy traffic, I saw a hiking buddy, Bobo posted a beautiful photo of the sunset! I looked at the rearview mirror and noticed that beautiful sunset too! Different ways of capturing the sunset – look behind. Lol. 

Made my brain thinks of this thought though – while it’s great to move forward in life fast and by what’s right at those moments, it is also equally good to calm down & take time to check-in and reflect on what have I been doing that brought me here, to where I am right now. That would include looking behind, to the past few days, weeks, months or maybe even year(s). With this, I have a choice to select my point of focus – i. e. Whether I want to focus on the crazy traffic or the beauty of the sunset in those quiet moments? – This, of course applies to life in general.

What is my point of focus? All the challenges and struggles, the feeling of ‘this is not easy, I’m feeling drained and this may not be what I really want‘, OR the feeling of ‘how beautiful life is, with wondrous opportunities and many new exciting experiences that opens up to greater life journey!‘ Both kinda feelings are real for sure (really, they are? 🙂 – this would be for discussion on another day ) Usually, when faced with differing views and feelings, what I would do is – do nothing and just rest, relax. I avoid making any decisions in those time of ambivalence. Because seriously, nothing productive would come in those state of mind/feelings. 

Writing all the thoughts and feelings down are useful for me. I love writing. Now, the question that pops up is this: “Which feeling serves u better?” – This, I can assess when I wrote down what I felt and read it back to myself. Which one made me feel better – happier and more energized? …and that’s it! That’s the point of focus I’ve made. ☺

Like what Abraham Hicks said – our feelings are our internal GPS system. It is a mechanism to intuitively tell us whether we’re on-track or off-track towards our pre-set destination (big goal /  major life purpose). So, #TrustOurHearts and #FollowOurBliss. ❤✨❤

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