An Old Piece of Artwork, Rediscovered 

“Do not fail to learn from the pure voice of the ever-flowing stream splashing over the rocks”. ~ Morihei Ueshiba (1883 – 1969)

Watercolour by Aziz Getufi 

Writing & rose by Dymphna Lanjuran 

“Untitled, 2016”
It is always wonderful seeing an old piece of art once again, and especially so when it is a piece that was done in the fleet of a moment, amongst conversations and discussions of ideas – when the only natural thing to do while the mouth was talking and the mind was processing ideas, was the hands creating artworks out of colours and pen. 
The artwork was then left as it is, untouched and put aside somewhere. When the time is right (it always is), the artwork somehow shows up again, carrying with it the perfect message of the moment. How beautiful that is, eh.
This is what I called as synchronicity. 
Trust that each moment is the perfect moment. ☺️💖☺️
Thank you, for rediscovering this piece, Mr. Getufi! 😍


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