Life – How Do You Show Up Daily? 

This huge gigantic tree captivated me. At first, I just wanted a photo of the tree with the beautiful church in the background. Then, I decided to be in the photo too. I know I will look tiny in the photo, in comparison of the tree, but that doesn’t matter. 🙂 

Under the huge bougainvillea tree, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Under the huge bougainvillea tree, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

This reminded me that in life, there are many big beautiful things out there that stood majestically on their own, just by being themselves / itself – like this tree; it stands the test of time. I do not know what it had gone through to be where / how it is now – but I sure know that it is flourishing and blossoming fiercely beautiful, proudly standing tall in its majestic presence. 
Just like life, eh. The process that one went through to be where one is right now, matters only to that person experiencing it – whether all is good or otherwise, that person determines his or her own experience of the process. That’s when the saying that there is really no ‘right or wrong’ , ‘good or bad’ hit the spot – because whether such is so or not, that is essentially only relevant to the person experiencing it. Through that, one can choose whether to let the experience enriches oneself and thereafter one flourishes through it all or otherwise. 
Having been through all that, one can also choose what to be made visible to the public eyes. This tree had chosen to show its majestic beautiful self – with gorgeous colourful flowers growing lavishly from it, strong sturdy body carrying all that it has to carry, baring some scars and body covered with slimy moss as one takes the time to get close enough to see, touch and feel it upclose. Despite all that, I still feel and think that this tree is beautiful – even more so now actually. 💖
How about you? 

How do you show up daily? 

What do you choose to show? 

Does that serve you and others around you? 

Dymphna 马紫惠





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