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Kiss Not Kill

#KISSNOTKILL Art Exhibition & Talk
#KISSNOTKILL Art Exhibition & Talk

I will be speaking in this event on 20th Jan 2018, together with my friend, Grace Wang. We will be sharing on “Life, Love & Sex” education, a workshop that we conducted in Dec 2017 in the recent 4th Annual Voluntary Trip of The Pink Shoes.  
This talk is in conjuction with the campaign of #KISSNOTKILL, a month long campaign initiated and founded by People Ideas Culture 人思文. There is also an art exhibition displaying 16 artworks by various local and international artists, in the spirit of the same theme. 
The opening ceremony of the art exhibition is this Saturday, at 3.00pm at Geographer Cafe, Kuala Lumpur. I am excited for this opening, because one of my friends, Lena Lim is going to dance live while painting at the same time too! It will be an intuitive dance and paint moves, which I’ve never seen being done live in public before. Lena is a great intuitive artist, and our friendship goes way back since Table 312 art exhibition. To see more of her amazing artworks, you can check out Lena Lim ART in Facebook. 😊
Another good friend of mine, Aziz Gattoufi is also one of the artists in this exhibition! Aziz and I had exhibited in 2 exhibitions and 1 event last year, and had conducted some other art sessions together last year too. It is exciting to once again be in the same art space with him! Some of Aziz’s artworks are in our Opposites Abstract Facebook page too. 
I hope to see all of you in the opening of the KISS art exhibition this Saturday (13th Jan) at 3.00pm and for the #KISSNOTKILL talk next Saturday (20th Jan) at 2.30pm! Admission is free. 
Let’s enrich our soul in art, exchange knowledge in subjects that are important to us, and have fun together! 💖💖💖

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