“This is Me” Art Series

“This is Me” Art Series coming up! 😍 As I’ve mentioned in one of my earliest posts in Instagram, I’ve been contemplating on starting a series. Amongst the themes that I considered were floral, nature, waves and culture.

I was inspired by the talk by Datuk Salmah Mansor in University of Malaya Art Gallery recently, where she mentioned that art is about the artists themselves – ie. the question: “Who Are You?”. Hence, in all of artists’ artworks, one would be able to get a glimpse of that particular artist. I could relate to this when it comes to exhibitions particularly, because that’s when I usually feel ‘exposed’ because my heart and soul had been ‘expressed’ on canvas. Lol.

However, more importantly, it was also interesting to note that this question would also relate to one’s culture – which I have long been wanting to put into my artworks too. Coming from the ethnic tribe of Kadazan Dusun in Sabah, Borneo, it is always close to my heart to incorporate some elements of my ethnicity into my artworks. Last year, I had the chance to participate in the annual International Indigenous Art Festival 2018 thanks to Shaq Koyok. From there, I’ve met many other indigenous artists, each with their own ways of incorporating their culture into their arts. I am also inspired by Kendy Mitot who is active in research and arts of his Bidayuh tribe into his arts.

Hence, I have decided to start this series, “This is Me” with several prompts that I believe would be relevant to kickstart my journey into exploring more about myself – going back to childhood etc. Let’s see where this will lead to. 😍

While I am preparing these prompts, I realised that these would be good as journal entries too. Lol. So anyone else who feel called to do these prompts with me are very much welcomed to do so too – whether through artworks, journaling, etc. 💕 Just use the tag #thisismeseries and tag me @dymphna.art in the posts too, so it will be easier for all of us to find the posts and see what each of us discover! 😍 No fixed timeline, open at anytime, to anyone who feel called to join in too!

Let’s have fun in our self-discovery & growth!

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