Art Battle Malaysia 2019

Finally, I got to witness Art Battle Malaysia live yesterday! It was such an amazing event seeing 10 artists painting live ‘battling’ within the pre-set 30 minutes time frame! This year, Art Battle Malaysia collaborated with UNHCR to recognise artistic talents amongst refugees. All 10 artists who painted yesterday were refugees and the youngest was as young as 14 years old!

Besides the main highlight of 10 refugee artists ‘battling’ through arts, there was also Stan Chee Lee, a senior local artist well-known for his live sketching and drawing! Yesterday, Stan’s steadfast and skillful hands completed an amazing art-piece of his expression of people caught amidst chaos and war. His art piece done live during the Art Battle event displayed various emotions ranging from panic, desperation, scared, etc. Here is the completed impactful art piece by Stan!

There were also lots of stalls selling handicrafts, art pieces and local food by the refugees around the area yesterday. Very very interesting indeed! Despite the rain and strong wind, plenty of people were there to support the entire event. Most actually stayed on from the moment the event started right until the very end when the final results were announced! 😍 Amazing support from everyone and I love it when art was one of the tools that connect everyone from all walks of life together! πŸ™β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’•

It was also great to see so many familiar faces yesterday! A beautiful closure to the weekend. Thank you, Art Battle Malaysia for organising such a fabulous event – very well-organised voting system, great set-up, awesome music & ambience, fun emcee and great team work! Looking forward to the next one! πŸ˜„

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