Intuitive Painting – Monochrome Series

Lately, I have been working on 2 types of paintings – the monochrome series and the petals series. 😄 Here is a collage compilation (or a mood board as a dear friends calls it) on the monochrome series.

Dymphna Lanjuran ~ Monochrome Series ~ Intuitive Painting
Dymphna Lanjuran ~ Monochrome Series ~ Intuitive Painting

How did this monochrome series start? I would say, intuitively, actually (as most of my artworks). It all started with the purple piece (a triptych) that I did last year during a live painting event. Prior to that, I actually resisted using the colour black, as I love bright and vibrant colours!

In that live painting event, a close friend (now gone, RIP) pointed out through an innocent question – “You rarely use black, huh?” That was like an ‘aha’ moment to me. When I said yes, that friend went on to say that I shouldn’t be afraid to use black.

With that realisation, I then challenged myself to use more of black colour in my artworks – guided by intuition, the process, movements & other colour combos came to me naturally. For me, it’s like facing what I resisted, embracing it and be at peace with it. ❤️ Now, I am thankful that I see the beauty in darkness.

My painting process is often referred to as intuitive painting – it is empowering, calming & self-healing. When in that moment of painting, it was as if I am in a zen meditative state where it’s just me in my own bubble.

In the beginning, this process could go on forever for me! Over the years, I learnt to set a time for myself too – just like meditation, where time will be set too. Well, as it is an intuitive process, reliance on my intuition on whether the paintings are done or need further touch is important too. That’s another thing I love about intuitive painting – I learn to trust my intuition more, to listen to that voice within, to trust my heart & have faith in all that life is. ❤️

So far, there are 5 pieces in this monochrome series. 1 (blue one) is currently part of the exhibition “Colours of Malaysia : Harmony & Unity” in Inner Joy Art as my heart & mind were with my homeland, Sabah the land below the wind when I was in that process, so that fits into the theme. 😄 Meanwhile, the other 3 are going to be exhibited in “Variation” Art Exhibition at University of Malaya Art Gallery from 15th September 2019 onwards. ❤

P/S: And to those who are asking, yes, I will be starting a few sessions on intuitive painting at Inner Joy Art soon too. 😉 Stay tune to Inner Joy Art in Instagram and Facebook for further updates on this. 😚



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