My Artworks on Clothes and other Items!!! ^_^

​ It is my first time seeing my artworks transformed into designs on clothes, home decor, stationary and other printed materials.  I love seeing what I'm seeing!  I'm excited!  MY ONLINE ART STORE 😍 One of my favourite artworks is this watercolour and ink piece which I called "I See You". This was done using both... Continue Reading →


Olaf from Frozen – Unique Pencil Graphite Sculpture 

"Hello, my name is Olaf, and I like warm hugs!" 😊  Sirajudeen, the one and only pencil graphite sculpture artist in Malaysia has created a special art sculpture in conjunction with Christmas celebration! It was just yesterday, we were talking about an artwork for this festive season and early morning today, he showed me this impressive... Continue Reading →

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