Intuitive Painting – Monochrome Series

Lately, I have been working on 2 types of paintings - the monochrome series and the petals series. πŸ˜„ Here is a collage compilation (or a mood board as a dear friends calls it) on the monochrome series. How did this monochrome series start? I would say, intuitively, actually (as most of my artworks). It… Continue reading Intuitive Painting – Monochrome Series


Art Battle Malaysia 2019

Finally, I got to witness Art Battle Malaysia live yesterday! It was such an amazing event seeing 10 artists painting live 'battling' within the pre-set 30 minutes time frame! This year, Art Battle Malaysia collaborated with UNHCR to recognise artistic talents amongst refugees. All 10 artists who painted yesterday were refugees and the youngest was… Continue reading Art Battle Malaysia 2019


Abstract Sip & Paint Night ~ Kandinsky’s “Squares with Concentric Circles”

Happy Friday, everyone! 😍 My next session for Abstract Sip & Paint Night is on 14th June (Friday night, as usual 😘). I will be guiding on a very interesting painting by someone known as the pioneer of abstract art ~ can guess who? *drum rolls* Wassily Kandinsky is the name! A Russian artist and… Continue reading Abstract Sip & Paint Night ~ Kandinsky’s “Squares with Concentric Circles”


Art is Giving

This simple watercolour floral painting that I did last week has found its perfect match - hanging on a wall next to the Lord's Prayer. This was done as a simple birthday gift to aunty Irene last Saturday. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’– These are peach blossoms in watercolour, in conjunction with #comefloralwithus theme last week. I was struggling… Continue reading Art is Giving

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Art Life: A Beautiful Journey of Growth

I have earlier posted this video in Instagram (Dymphna.Art). However, due to the limitation or the max cap of the time allowed for each video posted there, the full video was trimmed to a shorter version there. Here is the full version of the video! 😍 Life is an ongoing journey of exploration, learning and… Continue reading Art Life: A Beautiful Journey of Growth


Imago Mundi 3 Nations Art Exhibition, Fairmont Jakarta

Congrats to all artists involved in #ImagoMundi 3 Nations #Art Exhibition at Sunrise Art Gallery and Arcade, #Jakarta! Our art exhibition was featured in Harian Metro yesterday! So exciting!!! I am happy to be part of Imago Mundi 3 Nations Art Exhibition, a collaboration with other artists from Indonesia and Singapore too! Thank you to… Continue reading Imago Mundi 3 Nations Art Exhibition, Fairmont Jakarta

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Kiss Not Kill

I will be speaking in this event on 20th Jan 2018, together with my friend, Grace Wang. We will be sharing on "Life, Love & Sex" education, a workshop that we conducted in Dec 2017 in the recent 4th Annual Voluntary Trip of The Pink Shoes.   This talk is in conjuction with the campaign of #KISSNOTKILL, a… Continue reading Kiss Not Kill