What is your Point of Focus? 

What did u see first? I was stuck in massive traffic jam after work yesterday. Not the kinda lifestyle  I want. It drained me out. Gotta do something different next time.  While being stuck in the standstill of the crazy traffic, I saw a hiking buddy, Bobo posted a beautiful photo of the sunset! I... Continue Reading →


“The Purpose of Life is to be Happy” – Dalai Lama

Yup!  No excuses, only UNDERSTANDING of why/reasons behind OUR OWN actions. As long as our own "why" is clear, that's all that matters.  No explanations too - just ACCEPTANCE of how things are as they are, based on OUR OWN decisions/choices. No regrets, definitely - only GRATITUDE for the lessons and experience behind all events/actions.... Continue Reading →

First blog post

Hello, all! I created this website with the aim of sharing my beautiful journey of growth with the world. I am a simple woman with big dreams. I dream of a world of love, joy, compassion and empowerment where everyone believes in and enjoy living life to their fullest potential. I dream of a world... Continue Reading →

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