About Me

Hello, all! My name is Dymphna. Welcome to my blog. I am a former lawyer who specialised in Employment Law for about 11 years before focusing solely on arts.

My journey in art started since I was a child, where art was a hobby and something that I naturally did for leisure, sharing with family members, schools and art competitions.

As I grow older and embarked into the big world out there, I practised hybrid career in both law and art.

I love people and I am passionate about people development, as well as personal development. My vision is to see a happier, kinder, more loving, compassionate world where everyone lives and loves each other as equal.

Hence, besides law and art, I am also active in community development and humanitarian works. I am thrilled when I discovered that art can be utilised as one of the effective tools to reach out to people from all walks of life and supports in the above vision. My mission therefore is to continue to utilise arts to balance one’s body, mind and spirit.

Examples of community development and humanitarian works utilising arts that I was involved in are Women Empowerment Workshop to the aborigine community in Malaysia, Psychosocial Support relief post earthquake in Nepal and Happy Hour session for Safe Space Covid-19 Malaysia online platform.

Besides that, I am also blessed to cross paths with many artists friends from all over the world who journeyed together with me in producing various group art exhibitions and interactive art events in and outside of Malaysia since 2012.

In 2019, together with my business partner, we founded Inner Joy Art, an art gallery and art studio in Malaysia which focuses on bringing happiness though art experience. When Inner Joy Art was established, I decided to focus solely on this and forego law as my career.

Through Inner Joy Art, impactful art exhibitions with specific messages and themes that benefited the public are developed, curated and produced. Examples of such exhibitions are:

  1. Colours of Malaysia : Harmony & Unity
  2. Dreams : Transcending Physical Reality
  3. Divine : Treasures of the Forest
  4. Be Kind. Have Courage : Mental Health Awareness

Inner Joy Art stands as a gallery platform that empowers the public and artists through those impactful art exhibitions where messages of the exhibitions and voices of the artists are shared far and wide through various platforms.

Personally, I also conduct art classes to further spread the joy of art and live the mission & vision that I have chosen. 💗

My visual art styles continue to develop from time to time as I immerse myself in different art series from time to time. Some of my artworks can be seen in my portfolio linked below.

My Artwork Portfolio

Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you have found some values or inspiration through this brief introduction about me. Let’s continue to live a life that’s happy, kind, loving and compassionate. 🤗💗


Dymphna Lanjuran

Email : hello@innerjoyart.com

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Current location : Malaysia