Hello, all! My name is Dymphna.

OK, common question that I received –

“How do I pronounce your name?”

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Well, it is actually very simple “dim-na”. The ‘ph’ are silent.Β 

I am born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It is somewhere on the upper part of the Borneo island, the part that belongs to Malaysia.

“When is your birthday?”


πŸ˜‚ 3rd August, 1982. My zodiac is a Leo *roar*. Haha. Under the Chinese horoscope, I was born in the year of the Dog.


“Are you an artist?”


Oh yes, I am. With all my heart and soul, I am. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ˜Š


“Where did you study art?”


Everywhere! Art is all around us, and learning is an ongoing process! 😍 I first studied art when my parents gave me pencils, pens and colours! My first masterpiece was the wall of my parents home! Hahaha. Oh, the fridge was my second masterpiece! Hmmm, and then there’s the study table too. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

OK, on a serious note, I am what most people would call, a self-taught artist.Β 

“Oh, does that mean that you do not have a professional qualification?”

😍 My professional qualification is a lawyer. Surprise, surprise! Lol. I completed my Bachelor of Law with hons. in 2006 and since then, I practised as an Employment Law lawyer. Why Employment Law? Because of the human factor in it. I love law because I believe in law as a tool of justice and empowerment.

“Oh, then what about art?”


I love art too! There was a time in my life when I wanted to choose just 1 – Β either law or art. Well, I did actually! But a’las, that didn’t last long and I wasn’t happy too. I love both, and I’ve learnt that both are essential to create that balance in life (for me). It’s like the yin & yang, the feminine & Β the masculine, the equilibrium. 😊

With that, I decided to make it a win-win result for all!Β Whilst specialising in Employment Law, I am also growing my passion in art!

On top of those, as I mentioned earlier, I believe that law is tool of justice and empowerment. With that, I am also active in upholding social cause and creating more opportunities for certain groups of people and the underprivileged – empowering, nurturing and supporting with what I can. I call myself an ARTivist ~ an artist activist! 😊


“Oh wow! An ARTivist! Is that even a legit word?”


Hahaha. Well, I don’t know. You tell me. 😊 That’s the beauty in art that I appreciate ~ there is no right or wrong, there is no judgment…besides what one perceives as so. (Oh, I can go on and on about this and may sound more like a philosopher once I start! Haha)Β 


“OK, OK, let’s avoid that philosopher part. Tell me something interesting. Why do you do what you do?”


Well, the story in full is not a short one, for sure. My life changing moment was actually when my coach (now a very good friend) challenge me about my art as a hobby. I still remember her asking me, late evening in 2012 – “So, where are you going with this?”Β 

Each answer I gave was followed by even more questions…until I inadvertently said, “I’ll have an art exhibition”. And, that’s how the story began! Haha.

To cut the story short, I had a mini private art exhibition in 2012, followed by a public group art exhibition in 2014 and another public group art exhibition in 2017, which lasted for about 1 month.

Besides that, in between those exhibitions, as part of my growth in art and also to realise my vision to spread the benefits of art to more people, I conducted fun events like art jam and art workshop with some of my artist friends.

In one of the art jam events, in 2014, I remember very clearly, of a man in his 60s, who painted a very beautiful painting of leaves using acrylic paint, and this was the same man who repeatedly told himself (and me) that he couldn’t paint; that the last time he painted was when he was in secondary school.

The look on his face the moment when he completed his painting, was priceless. It was a look of hope, of accomplishment, of satisfaction – that he took up the courage, trusting his heart and did it anyway despite not knowing how the outcome will be.


“Do you only hold events for adults?”


Art is for everyone! Most of the art jam events that I’ve conducted had kids as young as 8 years old involved too. It is such a joy to look at kids who feel free to paint and express themselves in colours! Sometimes, through these events, I saw some people (kids and adults alike) who were so afraid to do mistakes because of certain ideas that there is a fixed way of seeing what is right, what is beautiful, what is proper and vice versa. When all these ideas are let go off, and everyone just relax and feel safe, that’s when freedom is achieved! With freedom in their hearts, comes divine expression! That is when we can truly see it is not just about the painting that they paint, but the process that they experienced. 😊 The beauty and joy out of this are tremendous, that they’re almost magical! Hahaha. One has to experience it itself in order to truly understand what I am talking about.


“That really sounds like another Wow! I will definitely sign up to one of your events soon! How can I do so?”


Well, follow me in this blog or in my social media: Instagram and Facebook. I actively post about anything art and ARTivist related there. If you would like a specially catered art event for your group, you can contact me directly via the Contact page here, or by sending me private messages in any of my social media accounts. 😊

“What kind of ARTivist works are you involved in?”

Art as a tool of joy and empowerment is what I am committed to share with everyone from all walks of life. Through an NGO,Β The Pink Shoes, an art workshop had been organised to people with disabilities at the Lovely Disabled Home, Kelana Jaya, a couple of art play and art as teaching materials have been incorporated into the informal education at a Myanmar refugees learning centre, Selayang, painting of wall arts to spread love and joy have been done in children’s shelter homes in Kathmandu, Nepal and also locally, in Shah Alam.

“Last question – Β Besides art, law and social activism, what else are you passionate in?”


Nature and Well-being! I love to be out there in the nature – hiking, running, picnic, painting outdoor, meditation, evening walk, playing at the waterfall, taking a stroll by the beach, watching the sunrise and sunset, hang gliding, tree planting – anything to do with being with nature, I love it!

Well-being to me, is that balance between body, mind and spirit. This is important to ensure that I stay at my optimum level; a positive and high vibration – healthy, fit, happy and at peace. With that, clarity of vision is maintained and everything flows with ease and grace, progressively realising that vision of a loving and joyful world, for you, me and our future generations. 😊